03/21/2023 – Overcast days and Dam repair update

California Bluebells

Rainy weather brings out the Wild flowers. In between rain showers, the overcast conditions make for great photography. No harsh shadows to deal with and….

03/10/2023 – The sun was out yesterday, so were the Grebes

Clark's Grebes getting started

Yesterday was one of those days where it didn’t matter where you pointed your camera, you couldn’t help but get some great shots of Rushing Grebes, and they were so close you could have….

03/07/2023 – Something you don’t see every day

Flying Western Grebe

There are lots of photographs of Western and Clark’s Grebes doing their signature rush across the water. There are also plenty of shots of parents with chicks on their backs. However, one thing you don’t see very often is a photo of a Western or Clark’s Grebe flying. Since they are migratory birds they do obviously fly. However, they migrate at night….

03/04/2023 Poppies and Breakfast

California Poppies

The Poppies are blooming around Lake Hodges and you know what that means? Spring time is just around the corner and the World Famous ….

02/28/2023 Lots of rain and lots of activity

Tree Swallow

… the water that usually fills up Lake Hodges at this time of year has had to be released downstream in order to complete much needed repair work on the dam, but as can be seen from the photos….

02/22/23 – Winter Weather & Robins

The last time San Diego had an invasion of robins close to this magnitude was in 1972. Go back another 10 years before that to find one even bigger. The former invasions that occurred every 2 to 5 years began

01/28/2023 Grebes season continues

Rushing Clark's Grebes

These were taken this morning with a group of photographers that had never

Visitors to the west side of the Lake

Great Egret

most of the birds that would normally be at the east end the Lake are now over by the west side. Conditions this week have been perfect for

Update after the recent rains

Grebes rushing in dirty water 1x1

for a week or 2 Lake Hodges will look like it was pulled directly from the set of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory….. Interestingly, the water quality doesn’t

Grebes Active This Morning

Parading Clark's Grebes

There was all sorts of interesting activity at the Lake this morning. These Clark’s Grebes were putting on quite the show. In between bursts of rushing they could be found parading around sporting their strangely wonderful head feathers that resemble black caps. Both Clark’s and Western Grebes were rushing around. Courtship is in full swing.