03/21/2023 – Overcast days and Dam repair update

California Bluebells

Rainy weather brings out the Wild flowers. In between rain showers, the overcast conditions make for great photography. No harsh shadows to deal with and….

03/10/2023 – The sun was out yesterday, so were the Grebes

Clark's Grebes getting started

Yesterday was one of those days where it didn’t matter where you pointed your camera, you couldn’t help but get some great shots of Rushing Grebes, and they were so close you could have….

03/07/2023 – Something you don’t see every day

Flying Western Grebe

There are lots of photographs of Western and Clark’s Grebes doing their signature rush across the water. There are also plenty of shots of parents with chicks on their backs. However, one thing you don’t see very often is a photo of a Western or Clark’s Grebe flying. Since they are migratory birds they do obviously fly. However, they migrate at night….

Grebes Active This Morning

Parading Clark's Grebes

There was all sorts of interesting activity at the Lake this morning. These Clark’s Grebes were putting on quite the show. In between bursts of rushing they could be found parading around sporting their strangely wonderful head feathers that resemble black caps. Both Clark’s and Western Grebes were rushing around. Courtship is in full swing.