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Nationally recognized, award-winning nature photographer John Hendrickson was recently selected as one of the top twenty nature photographers in the world today. His superb work has been displayed in over sixty of America’s major museums, from Boston to Miami, Seattle to San Diego, and most everywhere in between. In California alone his work has been featured in the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, San Diego Museum of Natural History, and Oakland Museum of California. Thousands of John’s outstanding images have been published in books, calendars, posters, cards, and magazines around the world. His lengthy list of publishers includes such notables as National Geographic, Time-Life, Sierra Club, Newsweek, Audubon, National Wildlife, Nature Conservancy, Outdoor Photographer, and many more. He has written and illustrated several books including Raptors, Listening to Nature, Hawks for Kids, and Butterflies, Grace on the Wing. Perhaps best known for his dramatic images of birds, John tries to show his subjects in relation to their environment, stressing a finished whole. One thing is certain – John’s intimate visions provide many of us with a window into a world few have the opportunity, time, or patience to experience. For the past fourteen consecutive years Browntrout Publishers in San Francisco have produced an eagle calendar that features exclusively John’s work.

Red-spotted Jezebel from Australia,

Testimonials –

“I try to create something wonderful to experience but, most importantly, I hope my photographs will remind us of the living beauty that’s all around. Perhaps then we will be motivated to preserve our environment.” “Brian took us out on Lake Hodges in his boat where we photographed many beautiful grebes dancing, rushing, courting, and nest building. I highly recommend him! Great guy with tremendous local knowledge.”

Clark’s Grebes on Lake Hodges testimonial

Roy Toft of Toft Photo Safaris, is a professional wildlife, conservation and nature photographer who sponsors annual photo workshops & tours for photographers of all levels in destinations including Costa Rica, Brazil, Alaska, and Africa. Roy’s images have been featured in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, Wildlife Conservation, Discover magazines and other notable publications to advance conservation efforts globally. As a result, he has been named a founding fellow of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP)

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“As a full time professional wildlife and nature photographer, I know how important it is to have guides with the right experience and knowledge to put you in the right place…..at the right time to get that special image. I found that perfect guide to be Brian Caldwell when I wanted to capture Western Grebes doing their spectacular courtship “rushing”. I’ve lived near Lake Hodges for nearly 10 years but had never seemed to be in the right place to photograph the Grebes doing their wonderful running on the water. I contacted Brian after seeing his images and hearing about his vast knowledge of Lake Hodges. Within the first couple hours on the Lake with Brian, we had dozens of Grebe pairs “rushing” by us at very workable distances!!! I was overjoyed! I also found out very quickly that just being close to the birds was not the main obstacle to overcome; Knowing which pairs of birds were going to display by their vocalizations and body position….this was the crucial knowledge which gave me those critical 2-3 seconds to prepare before the fast action began. Beyond helping me get wonderful images of Grebes, Brian combined his likable personality, knowledge of the Lake and it’s inhabitants…both animal and human to make for a thoroughly enjoyable photographic experience”
Field Contributor for Nature Photographer.

Testimonials –

” For my excursion onto the water I had engaged Brian Caldwell, an avid birder / photographer, with a small boat. Brian lives in Del Dios, a small community adjacent to the Lake and is intimately familiar with the habits and behaviors of the Grebes.”

Article on the Grebes of Lake Hodges.

Published In Nature Photographer by Field Contributor Rinus Baak

Red Tailed Hawks

East Coast award winning Nature Photographer.

Testimonials –

“With only one day for boat access on my short trip to San Diego, Brian was very instrumental in finding the Grebes while quietly positioning the boat to get the shots. As well, I really appreciated his ethical approach and concern for the birds. His knowledge and good nature made for a successful and pleasant morning on the lake. Thanks Brian! “

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