07/01/2024 Highlights from last month – Chicks, fledglings and rescues

Splash Grebe at lake Hodges Photo Tours

…..A busy month indeed. The Grebe chicks are growing fast and all of the recent chicks are off the …..

05/31/2024 Highlights from this month – Grebe Chicks!

Western Grebe Chick at Lake Hodges Photo tours

…. in the back of my mind I’ve always hoped that sometime in the interim, if at all, there may be enough vegetation growth at the current level to sustain a nesting Grebe colony.

Well, this winter, far earlier than I expected…..

04/15/2024 Highlights from this month

Black-headed Gossbeak in flight at Lake Hodges Photo Tours

Just a few highlights from this month. There’s always….

03/26/2024 The Weed Dance

Grebe Courtship in earnest at Lake Hodges Photo Tours

A pair of male and female Grebes will dive to the lake bed and come back to the surface with weeds in their bills that they …..

03/03/2024 All About Grebe Chicks

Western Grebe and chicks at Lake Hodges Photo Tours

The last 2 weeks have been all about Grebe Chicks, and…..

02/22/2024 Lake Hodges opening month

Red-tailed Hawk at Lake Hodges Photo Tours

Highlights from opening month here at…..

01/31/2024 Lake Hodges opening date scheduled for Wed Feb 7th

Rushing Western Grebes At Lake Hodges Photo Tours

Another Season is upon us and there are a few notable announcements I’d like…..

01/11/2024 Welcome to another year and Patagonia highlights 2

Black-chested Buzzard Eagle 1x1

As promised, here are more highlights of my recent Patagonia trip.We’ll be holding a presentation at …..

12/22/2023 Season’s Greetings

Seasons-Greetings from Patagonia

As promised, here are some highlights of my recent Patagonia trip. What an incredible place. Looking forward to having you….

10/30/2023 – Home briefly, then back on the road

What a way to see the sunrise. https://lakehodgesphototours.com/news-updates/

This time of year the Lake tends to be pretty slow. The birds are finally finishing their summer molt, and a few have started their annual….

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