07/09/2023 Cooper’s Hawks have fledged

fan tail Coop

When I was recently shooting the Woodpeckers, I was able to watch a pair of Cooper’s Hawks raising a brood of chicks. The nest was in a slightly ….

06/18/2023 Woodpecker Highlights

Nuttall's Woodpecker

It all started when walking the dog. I passed one of the older rotting oak trunks and heard a very faint squeak. After looking and listening for a few minutes I…..

06/16/2023 Some things can only be seen from the boat.

swallow it

A fledgling Swallow was perched in the middle of the lake and one of the parents….

06/06/2023 Overcast conditions present some of the best light for bird photography.

Male and Female Acorn Woodpeckers 2

Not far from the Woodpecker’s cavity is a Cooper’s Hawk nest and …..

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