07/09/2023 Cooper’s Hawks have fledged

fan tail Coop

When I was recently shooting the Woodpeckers, I was able to watch a pair of Cooper’s Hawks raising a brood of chicks. The nest was in a slightly ….

06/18/2023 Woodpecker Highlights

Nuttall's Woodpecker

It all started when walking the dog. I passed one of the older rotting oak trunks and heard a very faint squeak. After looking and listening for a few minutes I…..

06/16/2023 Some things can only be seen from the boat.

swallow it

A fledgling Swallow was perched in the middle of the lake and one of the parents….

06/06/2023 Overcast conditions present some of the best light for bird photography.

Male and Female Acorn Woodpeckers 2

Not far from the Woodpecker’s cavity is a Cooper’s Hawk nest and …..

05/22/2023 While waiting for the lake to open

Feeding the chicks

This Nuttall’s woodpecker is working nonstop bringing in the food for the chicks in the nest. The chicks will soon ……

05/19/2023 Lake Hodges Opening Date Announced!

Close up Rushing Grebes

It’s official, the Lake will open to limited boating on ……

05/15/2023 Weekly update – Feeding time


Grebes have a healthy appetite. Not only do they feed themselves, but…..

05/09/2023 Weekly update


The Lake is very close to finally settling at its new height. The water has virtually stopped receding and …..

04/25/2023 – Watch the video, stills don’t do it justice

Weed Ceremony

One of the more amusing of the Grebes intricate courtship behaviors. It’s been dubbed the ‘Weed Ceremony’….for obvious reasons. With the current Lake level, this behavior is very…..

04/13/2023 – Best of the Week and Dam Update

California Quail

The State of California amended the mandated maximum water level of Lake Hodges to be 280’ (80’ at the dam) until the new dam is built…. At this level the pump station will be inoperable. During the recent rains the rate of….

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