Visitors to the west side of the Lake

Great Egret

most of the birds that would normally be at the east end the Lake are now over by the west side. Conditions this week have been perfect for

Update after the recent rains

Grebes rushing in dirty water 1x1

for a week or 2 Lake Hodges will look like it was pulled directly from the set of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory….. Interestingly, the water quality doesn’t

Grebes Active This Morning

Parading Clark's Grebes

There was all sorts of interesting activity at the Lake this morning. These Clark’s Grebes were putting on quite the show. In between bursts of rushing they could be found parading around sporting their strangely wonderful head feathers that resemble black caps. Both Clark’s and Western Grebes were rushing around. Courtship is in full swing.  

Christmas Bird Count Results

White Pelicans 1x1

This is Citizen Science working at its best. There are several local groups including the

Dam Repair Update

Dam repair 1x1

How will the water level affect the wildlife on Lake Hodges?

This is a good question with no precise answer. From my observations

Grebe Nesting Colonies

Nesting Western Grebe

I am currently trying to address these issues. If you’d like to be notified on my progress please send me your email contact details. Thanks for you interest.

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