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California Quail

04/13/2023 – Best of the Week and Dam Update

The State of California amended the mandated maximum water level of Lake Hodges to be 280’ (80’ at the dam) until the new dam is built…. At this level the pump station will be inoperable. During the recent rains the rate of….

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Say it with weeds

03/26/2023 -It’s all about the reflections

Once the repair work is completed, the State has mandated that the reservoir never exceed the 280′ level, (actual 80′ deep at the dam), which means the pump station will be inoperable. In essence, until the new dam is constructed, the Lake will….

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Flying Western Grebe

03/07/2023 – Something you don’t see every day

There are lots of photographs of Western and Clark’s Grebes doing their signature rush across the water. There are also plenty of shots of parents with chicks on their backs. However, one thing you don’t see very often is a photo of a Western or Clark’s Grebe flying. Since they are migratory birds they do obviously fly. However, they migrate at night….

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Local Accommodation

Recommended rentals in the Del Dios and surrounding community on Lake Hodges.

Springhill Suits

by Marriott | 7 min. drive entrance to Lake

Rancho Bernardo

Inn | 16 min. drive entrance to Lake

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