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So you want to photograph Rushing Grebes on Lake Hodges?

With over 200 different species of birds that either live here permanently or simply pass through, and with a host of reptiles, mammals and spectacular views, Lake Hodges in Southern California is a nature lover’s dream come true. Pair this with consistent light, weather and water conditions, and you have the ingredients for world class, award winning nature photography. Whether you are a local, out of state or travelling internationally, finding these photo opportunities can be difficult, even when time is on your side. That’s where Lake Hodges Photo Tours can help. You want to photograph Rushing Grebes on Lake Hodges? Head out onto the lake with our guide in a customized, comfortable, low to the water, Lake Hodges Photo Tours boat, specially designed for the optimum photographic experience. Using our silent motor your guide will get you extremely close to the subjects without disturbing their natural behavior. Or, when the lake is closed to boating, take a guided hike. Photographers of all skill levels can join our tours. A basic understanding of your equipment is all that’s needed to fully enjoy your time with us. If you’re new to photography, your guide is always available to answer questions, teach new techniques, and dial in your settings to help you improve your photographic skills. If you already have ample photography experience, we’ll ensure you get to the best locations at the best times with the best light and conditions for extraordinary photo opportunities! There are different entry points to the park that are optimum to the specific time of year, time of day and types of subject you’d like to capture. As part of a group, or in a private one on one session, your guide can lead you to find that perfect shot. If interested in any services provided by lake Hodges Photot Tours please  contact us   for pricing, scheduling and availability.

Located in North San Diego County, Lake Hodges Photo Tours Staging Area


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