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Update on Grebe nesting colonies 2021. The link below is a copy of the report submitted to CA Fish and Wildlife, the City of San Diego and numerous local conservation groups including the local chapters of the Audubon Society.

Report on the Grebe nesting colonies on Lake Hodges in 2021 season

Nesting Clark's Grebe

Nesting Clark’s Grebe

2020 was not a year known for it’s superlatives. Having said that, for a 10 day period just before Christmas Lake Hodges had a little visitor. The Vermilion Flycatcher is a bird native to the desert and is very seldom seen around Lake Hodges. The last documented sighting was in 2010 at the east side of the lake in the Bernardo Bay area. However, this is the first time one has ever been photographed here at the Lake.

Vermillion Fly Catcher at Lake Hodges Photo Tours

This is the first time a Vermillion Flycatcher has ever been photographed at Lake Hodges. Lake Hodges Photo Tours

Every morning we walk the shores of Lake Hodges.  Angus is an Australian Cattle dog that often poses in prime locations for sunrise photographs. While walking we check out the weather conditions, Lake level, bird activity, animal activity and other factors  to determine what will  likely to happen on the Lake that day. Feel free to follow Lake Hodges Photo Tours Facebook page to see the best of them.
Angus sunrise at Lake Hodges Photo Tours.

Angus sunrise at Lake Hodges Photo Tours.

As enthusiastic naturalist and bird photographer Lake Hodges Photo tours hosts the local San Diego County Facebook bird photography group –

We have a great network with some of the best local photographers in the San Diego County area of some of the best locations in San Diego County for bird photography. If coming from out of state, or you’re a local bird photographer, you’ll find it an invaluable resource.
As the local expert, we are often approached by the local media for information pertinent to Lake Hodges.  A link to a recent article by Channel 8 News on the current state of Grebe nesting at Lake Hodges.